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Cad Design Concepts For Safety Products

Our security design services

CadWeb design provides comprehensive design services for all purposes. We work with a large number of companies from different areas in Europe and the Americas, with the best results and complete customer satisfaction. We receive a large number of requests, and each one of them has their own specifications and technicalities. In many cases, we have been hired to check, assess, redesign or even start from scratch in the design of products in order to optimize their safety for the user or consumer.

Safety is one of the major investments any business can make, and it has a big importance no matter the field or the sort of business. Security issues may harm any company of any size in a number of ways. Economical loss, reputation loss, lawsuits, human injury and, in the most extreme scenarios, even death. These are not things smart businesses are willing to afford, so no risk must be taken. 

Industry safety is a wide field and encompasses such variety of issues as ergonomic design and security checkouts on cargo restraints and temperature control in large machinery. When poorly designed, any of these may affect negatively the activities of a company, and even endanger its customers or workers. It is the responsibility of services like CadWeb design to assess security in all its designs and provide safe and rational solutions for all sizes of companies.

Safety and tailored design concepts

 It does take a lot of thought and care to put together a working design that is safe for use and exploitation. Our specialized team at CadWeb design are trained to deliver working designs with all safety issues covered. Our products will fit your needs perfectly and blend seamlessly with the rest of your productive process. They will become a part of your work and actively boost your outcomes and your work quality. 

We offer complete concept packages or we can also work with your concepts. We offer complete security and design assessment of your previous productive structure so we can detect safety hazzards or design aspects that can be optimized. Your productivity and your quality may skyrocket with just a few intelligent modifications to your current infrastructure. Make the leap forwards with intelligent design tailored to your needs, goals and field of work.

Since safety isn't just in the design of the object, process or other product, but also in the use of said product, we always provide detailed safety guidelines for each of our designs, in all applicable cases. This complete safety handbook is included in your service package and will not be charged extra. This is part of our compromise with security and customer integrity.

CadWeb will be responsible for all errors and imperfections in the design, but will not be liable for problems derived from misuse or negligence, so read the safety handbook carefuly and instruct your workers into doing the same. That way, you will dodge costly and inconvenient safety problems that might affect your activities, your business, your people and/or your reputation as a company.

Our safety portfolio

We have an experienced team and are used to work with very different customers, each one of which bring their own challenges and difficulties to our offices. We offer all of them the best service and a comprehensive understanding of their needs and requirements. We specialize in providing to the industry sector, but other sorts of companies can also work with us and get the best results for a very convenient price, all while enjoying our impeccable customer service and dedicated personnel.

We have been working with the industry sector for years, providing all sorts of safety designs and optimizations, from ratchet strap components and cargo restraints to tourniquet pressures and other medical equipment. We also work closely with office suppliers, helping them get their ergonomy right for office furniture, computer accessories and even the design of whole facilities. 

In the past five years we have been offering our newest servie, incorporating new, fully trained staff specialized in dynamic building design and space optimization, from fields as diverse as engineery and neuroarchitecture, so we can offer our customers the latest trends and developments in the world of smart design for buildings and interior spaces. 

If you are in the need of any sort of design, be it for a product or component, whole processes or even working spaces, CadWeb Design can provide the perfect solution for you. Bring us your draft pitch or just solicite a concept for us. We will create the best design for your needs.


Here are the words from our clients!

"CadWeb did a fantastic job! Their designs were perfect and very appealing. We had no problem rendering them with our machinery, and our own clients were very satisfied too. We are glad that we have worked with them."
Hannah Dawson
Le Petit Maison des Papillons


"It was a big step forwards for us to work with CadWeb. They reshaped our designs and gave us a new brand identity. Our concept works so much better now, and our products are very functional."
Greg Watson
Hathborne Appliances